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Business Restructuring Australia

Protecting You and Your Assets with a solid Company Structure

The Australian tax system is one of the most complex in the world. So it’s imperative that when it’s time for business restructuring, it’s done correctly.

As your life and business evolves, your company structure should do the same.

Our clients grow, fail, sell, divorce, marry, age and have families, it’s common that the business and investment structures that once made sense, can lose relevancy or efficacy.

A commercial decision or pathway you take today, can have a myriad of tax consequences in the future if not set up properly. It’s best to be prepared with a business structure that suits your long-term needs as best as possible.

Types Of Business Structures:

  • Contractor

  • Sole Trader

  • Partnership

  • Company

  • Trust

The first step to restructuring a company in Australia is sitting down with a business accountant. We offer free consultations to discuss the different benefits of each structure and our recommendations given your current situation.

How Do I Set Up A Company Or Restructure My Business?

Working With Mora Wealth - Company Restructuring

As a small business owner it can be difficult to align the commercial needs of your business with its tax requirements in a way that produces the best possible result.

Working with you, our tax accountants will help you identify potential problems before they occur and give you a secure way of ‘test checking’ your thinking; independent and commercially astute advice.

Where the business restructuring may involve some tax risks, we are committed to identifying that risk and structure your business for success, keeping your hard earned assets safe.

We advise on possible business structures, while finding the right fit for you. All the while, offering assistance with existing tax problems when it is time to do your company tax return.   

Do you need help:

  • Establishing a new company structure
  • Identifying the best company structure, as you have outgrown your current structure and need to know how to deliver the best outcome;
  • Business restructuring; or
  • Unwinding an existing structure and don’t want to trigger any unintended tax consequences

Mora Wealth Accountants are Experts In:

At Mora Wealth, our business accountant team uses companies and trusts, superannuation funds, special service or asset holding trusts, with licence agreements, to secure your wealth.

Our mission is to provide you with a full range of services, whether its tax planning or business tax returns, business and personal asset protection, proper business structuring in order to help you increase your take-home revenue and protect your existing wealth.

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