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It can take a lifetime to grow your wealth and asset base, making protecting your assets an important part of gaining financial freedom. Anything can happen in the fast paced world of business. Lawsuit injury,  and only a moment for it all to be lost or taken away.

Protecting assets against frivolous creditors and lawsuits has become an increasingly common concern in Australia. When being sued, people are after the liquid value of your assets, not necessarily the bricks and mortar or the tangible assets that you have. So being proactive about your assets is a smart move to protect you and your family.




Avoid significant losses, with reliable and effective asset protection strategies. This way you can breathe easier and continue to grow your wealth and achieve your financial objectives.

Without asset protection, you run the risk of leaving yourself exposed with the potential of losing it all. Don’t spend a lifetime accumulating wealth and then roll the dice on your financial security because there wasn’t adequate asset protection strategies in place. 

Myths and Mistakes of Asset Protection

When it comes to asset protection, there are several mistakes, dangerous fallacies and prevailing myths that people have been led to believe.

There are many opinions about asset protection and different approaches to protecting assets that are incorrectly leading people to believe that their assets are adequately protected.

One of the biggest mistakes of them all: Did you know that property investors that own investment properties in their personal name have virtually no asset protection?

If you were to be sued by an unsecured creditor, subject to a falling out in a business partnership or sued by an injured tenant or disgruntled employee, customer, client, etc. you could potentially lose all assets held in your own name.

Some people argue the point of tax benefits for owning property in an individual name. But what do those tax benefits count for when you are at risk of losing it all?

Many people think that by just buying an investment property or assets in their spouse’s name or de facto partner’s name, would naturally give them adequate asset protection. This is not one of the reliable and effective asset protection strategies.

In certain circumstances, many litigators and creditors have the power through the courts to lay claim to assets held under spousal or de facto partner names. Furthermore, if you were subject to family law court as a result of a bitter family dispute or relationship breakdown, you could potentially lose control over all assets.

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"If you are seriously concerned about asset protection, you should avoid having assets like investment properties owned in any individual’s name."

Working With Us

At Mora Wealth, our business accountant team uses companies and trusts, superannuation funds, special service or asset holding trusts, with licence agreements, to secure your wealth.

Our mission is to provide you with a full range of services, whether its tax planning or business tax returns, business and personal asset protection, proper business structuring in order to help you increase your take-home revenue and protect your existing wealth.

  • Are you saving the correct amount of tax and superannuation funds to meet your legal responsibilities? 
  • Are your existing assets protected by the correct business structure.?
  • Have you ever considered legal, offshore tax reduction strategies?

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